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How It Works

To Cook or Not to Cook?

Order for the week or for a month from a combination of dishes! Choose from our range of Meal Kits or Ready Meals, with combinations to suit your taste buds and lifestyle.

Our Meal Kits are the first of its kind Australia-wide, where your ingredients are pre-prepared by chefs so you don’t have to! If you hate chopping or if you’re short on time, enjoy home cooked meals that are big on flavour with pre-cut vegetables and pre-marinated meats in our Meal Kits. With pantry-to-door delivery, it’s incredibly convenient!

Get healthy and delicious meals straight to your table from Daana Pantry today.


Get Started Today

Choose and subscribe to a meal plan that suits you. Easily order and customise your meals online.


Choose Your Meals

Choose your meals form our diverse weekly menu. Our chefs will do all the hard work for you so you spend less time in the kitchen.


Unpack Your Box

We guarantee the freshness of our ingredients and deliver them with insulated packaging straight to your door.


Create Magic

Follow our easy step-by-step online instructions and experience the magic of cooking!

Choose From a Range of Chef-Designed Menus & Ready Meals

Our chef-designed menus are made for enjoying deliciously different meals at home. Experience healthy, unique meal kits and ready meals from an award-winning Canberra restaurant, straight to your table.

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Here's Why You Should Choose Us

Shop Local

Responsibly-sourced quality ingredients. Fresh local produce, sustainable seafood, and exclusive spice blends.

Reduce Waste

We love our planet! Most of the packaging we use is recyclable and we give you the exact ingredients so no food is wasted.

Simple and Convenient

Our recipes and meals inspire the home chef! Easy to follow digital recipe cards are either Quick and Easy or Slow and Easy!


There’s a whole range of reasons why you’ll love Daana’s Pantry. At Daana, we’re driven by social enterprise and core values of sustainability. We focus on delivering you healthy, convenient meals that your friends and family will love. Compare what we have to offer below with the whole package!

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Daana’s Pantry
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Daana's Pantry source its ingredients from?

At Daana's Pantry, we're incredibly passionate about sourcing local produce through local and regional suppliers to guarantee the quality of our ingredients. Our ingredients and fresh produce are chosen with sustainability in mind from suppliers who share a similar passion. We aim to provide Australian grown and packaged products where possible. For our canned goods, we look for products that contain no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.  

Do you offer vegetarian recipes or cater to vegans?

Yes! We offer at least two vegetarian dishes as well as two vegan options each week in the Meal Kits section and one vegetarian dish, as well as one vegan option each week in the Ready Meals section. We are giving you a total of three Vegetarian and three Vegan options to choose from each week!

Do I have to subscribe to Meal Kits and Ready Meals separately?

We don't separate Meal Kits and Ready Meals in your plans. We want to give you the flexibility to design your week's meal plan to suit your convenience and to meet your needs. You now have the choice of balancing your time in the kitchen and family time without compromising on what they eat. With a combination of both types of meals, you don't have to cook every Meal!

How long will the ingredients stay fresh after delivery?

We vacuum seal the Meat, Poultry, Fish and fresh produce and other ingredients as necessary, before packing them in insulation bags with ice packs. This way, the ingredients stay at a safe temperature during transit until you can pack it away in the fridge. 

You don't have to be home for the delivery. The insulated bags and the ice packs keep things cool and fresh for up to 4 to 5 hours. However, it is advisable that you put the food away in the fridge at the earliest. Once received and stored in the refrigerator, they can be stored there for 4 more days.

When and how can I see the Meal Kit recipes and Ready Meals for the following week?

We send a weekly email to our customers to showcase ten new Meal Kit recipes and four new Ready Meals and the Frozen Meals for the coming weeks. You can also preview four week's recipes on our website under the View Menu.

Do I need ingredients in addition to what you deliver in my Meal Kits?

Yes, just a few pantry staples such as cooking oil, olive oil, eggs, milk, yogurt, salt, pepper and sugar, which we assume our customers have at home. Every time you select a meal kit you can see what extra ingredients you'll need for each recipe on the Daana’s Pantry website.

Do you cater for food intolerances?

If you have an allergy or intolerance to any ingredient, we request you to read the Allergen Information before making your selection. In some instances, for the Meal Kits, you can swap out those ingredients, but that will be up to you.

While we mark all allergens in our meals and recipes on our website; we cannot guarantee that the meals will be free of traces as we prepare it in areas that may have traces of allergens.

Do your Meal Kits and Ready Meals carry nutritional information?

Yes, nutritional and allergens information is available on our website, recipe cards and meal tray labels.